creates a better future
beyond the healthy and safe Internet world
and building a digital cultural space.
"We will grow to the best company,
not just staying in the first company.
"We will grow to the best company,
not just staying in the first company.
For the first time in Korea, Plantynet has been making efforts to create a healthier and safer internet world since 2000 by commercializing the Internet Filtering Service to each family through the internet network with the vision of "Tech, Human and Valuation".
Plantynet, which has the largest DB (Database) in Korea through constant research and continuous R&D investment, is continuing our efforts to provide better service to customers at the moment.
The internet filtering service, which plays a role as a cash cow from the beginning, will develop into a more beneficial service through qualitative improvement. We will develop various value added services and advance into the wide global market based on the accomplishments of our overseas business.
In addition, we are planning to establish a foundation for new growth with the platform business that builds digital cultural space through digital signage, advertisement and Wi-Fi AD, along with the background music service (BGM) that has been carried forward as a new business.
We will continue to focus on investment and technology development in search of new growth engines without being confident or complacent about our performance that we have made in the past.
All employees will do best to satisfy your expectation to Plantynet.
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